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Needham R.A.Y of Hope award Adam London

Posted by Daren Lechner on 10th May 2015

Recently I was on the Needham Channel as the representative for the Needham Business Association for a R.A.Y. of Hope award presentation. I'm very happy to be part of this wonderful program that recognizes students who help the Needham community! Congratulations to Adam London, April's RAY of Hope recipient.

Created by Needham Youth Services in partnership with the Needham Business Association, the RAY of Hope Program (Recognize A Youth) was designed to identify young people who have performed outstanding service to the Needham community and/or who by their actions are excellent role models for their peers. 

The RAY of Hope Program is a recognition that young people and their development are of critical importance to the functioning of the Needham community and our collective futures.

see the clip here.