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Games and Puzzles

  • Snake puzzle Snake puzzle

    Snake puzzle

    The cube unravels, staying in 1 piece like a snake. Can you get it back to the cube? A Great puzzle that stays in one piece so there are no pieces to lose. Good initial solution time is about 1 hour, but with practice this can be done very fast (under 10...

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  • Splitting Headache puzzle Splitting Headache puzzle

    Splitting Headache puzzle

    Yes, you may need an aspirin after messing with this for a few hours... Each piece of the 9 pieces is an assembly of small cubes or parts of a cube. The object is to get them back into a 3x3x3 checkered cube. The workmanship is especially good, with each...

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  • Holey Moley bowling puzzle Holey Moley Bowling puzzle

    Holey Moley Bowling puzzle

    The goal is to arrange the pins such that they are all the same height when inserted into the base. The challenge lies in that all the pieces are different lengths, each hole is a different depth, and you have the angle of the base to deal with...

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  • Bricked brain teaser Bricked brain teaser

    Bricked brain teaser

    Can you lay the 5 pieces to create all 24 patterns?   Each pattern requires all 5 pieces.  Pieces are handcrafted from 2 different woods,  with wood alternating within any one piece to make for an attractive textured appearance...

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  • Ludo or Aggravation game - large Ludo or Aggravation game (large)

    Ludo or Aggravation game (large)

    Ludo or Aggrevation is a centuries old game of German origin for 2 to 4 people. It is a favorite of youngsters ages 7+ but also an excellent family game as it is fun for all.    This model is great for travel or when space is a...

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  • 10 Penny puzzle 10 Penny puzzle

    10 Penny puzzle

    Can you insert all 10 pennies into the square opening? Looks easy, seems easy, should be easy, but is this an easy puzzle? This is an ideal coffee table puzzle. You do not even have to worry about losing a piece, just a grab a couple pennies from between...

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  • Cribbage - folding, travel size

    Cribbage - folding, travel size

    This is both beautiful and highly practical.  It folds in half and is nicely held shut by magnets.  The inner area will hold a full size deck of cards. The wood pegs (6) have been hand turned in a fancy design. 3.5"x10" (open)

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  • Cribbage 4 person folding Cribbage - 4 person folding

    Cribbage - 4 person folding

    Very attractive 4 track folding hardwood board of our design that will hold 3 decks of cards and pegs inside. Can play 2, 3 or 4 person on the board.  When opened, board measures about 18" x 6 1/2".  Board is hinged and will fold as seen...

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  • barricade  game ready for play. Folded in half for storage.

    Barricade game

    This is my favorite board game. Combines strategy and luck, but strategy is the most important element. Originates from Germany in 1960, called Malefiz designed by Werner Schoppner. For 2 to 4 players; the first person to reach the Goal with any one of...

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  • Captive Heart Tavern Puzzle

    Captive Heart Tavern Puzzle

    Captive Heart was created as wedding favor for our daughter's wedding. It works just like Old Shackles, but instead of a ring as the object piece, it has a small heart.It is more difficult than Old Shackles because it matters how the heart is positioned...

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