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Kolene Spicher Wall Art

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I feature Kolene Spicher's framed wall art because it's not only beautiful, it's unique. She offers a large variety of themed prints, sure to fit whatever atmosphere you're trying to create. All prints are mounted on foamboard and professionally framed with glass and paper backing.  If you want to use your own frame, we sell just the mounted print as well. Please contact the store for information. 

I can get any item from Spicher. So if you see something on their website, but not mine, please contact me! 

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Artist Kolene Spicher has a unique style and flair with her paintings that is easily recognizable. Many of the current design ideas in the market place have been a direct result of her creativity. She has decorated most of the top name department stores with her modern abstract paintings, and her designs have been used by major brands in their advertising campaigns. Kolene's artwork has been produced and used on a special series of Alicia Klein's leather 'taxi wallets'. And TV shows from 'the Sopranos', 'Even Stevens' and full feature films including 'Deep End of the Ocean' have requested permission to use Kolene's artwork in their filming.