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Covering your floor is simple with vinyl floor cloths! DIY with scissors.

Posted by Daren Lechner on 6th Aug 2020

My customer Sara in NYC shared pictures of her DIY project of covering her old floors in her bathroom and kitchen. Using vinyl to replace your floors is cost effective as you don't need to pay someone to remove old flooring and install new. Here is Sara's email about her project. 

"I used a box cutter and just regular sharp scissors. The cloths are beautiful on their own, but they work great as a custom cover over tile as well. I had considered other DIY solutions to cover my tiles such as vinyl wood planks and painting the tiles. But I wanted to preserve the original tiles, so the vinyl floor cloth is a perfect easily removable solution! And the thickness is great - my tile floors are not totally level, but you wouldn't even notice with the floor cloth over them."