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FAQ about vinyl floor cloths

FAQ about vinyl floor cloths

Posted by Daren Lechner on 12th Mar 2020

I hope this answers some of your questions I get about Spicher and Company vinyl floor cloths.

Where is the vinyl made?  Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Do you ship outside the US? Yes. Contact the store for more information. I can provide a shipping quote.

Can the distressing be removed?  Yes, in some cases we can remove the distressing for a design fee of $39. 

Can you make a cloth with my design? In general, no. In some cases we can, but there are very specific requirements needed for the image files. 

Do you make custom sizes? We do. But not in Williamsburg, Morris and Co., nor Folk Art collections. We can make custom in rectangle, runner, square, and round sizes. The design has to fit within your requested dimensions. They do not cut off any design. More information on custom can found here

What is the lead time for shipping? Lead time is 3 weeks or less. Your order can ship anytime from when the order is placed up to 3 weeks. You will get tracking when the order ships. 

Do you offer rush shipping? Yes. Rush requests can be made for any standard size with a nominal fee. (Sizes 30x44, 26x83, 30x75, and 84x84 are excluded) Rushes will ship in 2 weeks or less, but not guaranteed.

What is the return policy? Vinyl cloths are made to order for each customer. The manufacturer does not accept returns, so in turn, neither can I. I do accept returns on In-stock and Quick Ship cloths which can be found here

What if my cloth arrives damaged? Please inspect you cloth with 3 days of arrival. If your box arrives damaged, and you are able, please make a note with the delivery driver. Report any damage to the store immediately. If possible email a picture as well. Damaged cloths will be replaced once reviewed by Spicher and Co..

How do I fix a tear in my cloth? In the unlikely event your cloth tears, it can be repaired with superglue. I recommend Loctite super glue with gel control. Once mended, using duct tape underneath will add strength.  

Are the cloths pet friendly? Yes. Pets love them! Customers do ask about their pets claws tearing the vinyl. I can only tell you I have never received negative feedback from my customers about that. However, each pet is different. 

Can you use the vinyl on heated floors?  Yes.

Can you use rolling office chairs on the vinyl? Yes. Make sure the surface underneath he vinyl is smooth and clean. 

Can you use the vinyl outdoors? Some stores will tell you yes. I suggest protected outdoors, like a porch. If the vinyl get wet and stays wet, the underside can mildew. If you want to use it outside, and it gets soaking wet, let the underside dry out. 

Is there an odor? There is no odor or off-gassing from the product. 

Why are the sized not standard even like rugs, 3x5, 4x6? When the vinyl was first developed, the sizes were determined to maximize the space on the vinyl roll to avoid waste.