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Service dog approved! Vinyl Floor Cloths

Service dog approved! Vinyl Floor Cloths

Posted by Daren Lechner on 19th Feb 2020

A lot of customers ask if the vinyl floor cloths are pet friendly. Yes! Not only do pets love laying on it, if they happen to make a 'mess' it simply wipes clean. No staining, and no having to send a fabric carpet to the cleaners. One of my customers wrote me this article on how the vinyl is perfect for her rescue dogs. Thought I would share it with all of you. 

"I work with dogs professionally (search-and-rescue K9s), but I also rescue special needs and hospice animals, and at present I have two dogs that are completely paralyzed from the hips down. They can wear wheelchairs when we're out and about, but at home they can't be on wheels all the time, because it makes it pretty impossible for them to lie down. So they drag themselves through the house. We had rugs for years, but with these guys, I noticed they were getting rug chafing like a crawling baby will, so rugs just were *not* working. Enter the floorcloths and ... genius! ... the hardwoods are protected -- the search dogs do gallop through the house :D -- but also the paralyzed boys can move as quickly as their front legs allow. Since they are young -- 3 and 4, respectively -- they have a lot of energy, and on these, they can move almost as fast as some of our fully-able dogs. So it's a lovely win-win.

You can see some of the working and special needs dogs of my house here:"