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Water Lillies vinyl floor cloth as permanent bathroom flooring.

Water Lillies vinyl floor cloth as permanent bathroom flooring.

Posted by Daren Lechner on 20th May 2015

A customer of Pura Vida in South Dakota was re-doing her bathroom in an old house. She wanted to keep the vintage feel so she inquired about the vinyl floor cloths, specifically pattern 2 Water Lillies. As you can glue the cloths to the floor, we discussed that option, but she felt since the vinyl lays flat, there was no need to glue it. Rather, she simply laid it over the floor, wall to wall, and used the base boards and fixtures to keep it in place. This makes sense for future owners or if she wants to replace the floor easily. Looks great so far Mary! I know the pictures are not of the completed remodel project. 

Mary says "The big news is that, short-term, at least, this mat is really sturdy. I don't know how long it'll last, or how well it'll hold up, but so far it still looks like new, which is sort of incredible when you realize all the stuff we've been doing on top of it."

Keep me informed Mary as I'd love to know how the cloth holds up. I've not had any complaints thus far and I've been selling these for 2.5 years. Thanks for sharing!!